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10-300x225This 4th edition (and first outside of New York) features a 2 hour film and video program that replays every night for the 3 month run. The program features almost all multi-channel works by 18 artists and filmmakers as well as nightly live performance. There are two seatings each night — 6pm & 8:30pm.

Half the program’s artists are from Colorado.

For Wednesdays and Sundays in May we are screening an entirely new video program that includes a 47-artist “exquisite corpse” film for Psychic TV’s seminal 1983 album Dreams Less Sweet, a hand-drawn animation by Portland artist Lori D’s, a 4-channel roller skating film by Sarah Friedland, the conclusion to Montgomery Knott’s The Waxwing Slain and other artists; as well as the scheduled weekly performances.

Thursdays through Saturdays and Tuesdays in May will screen the “original” program with 18 artists that was shown in March and April.

Curated by Montgomery Knott, with assistance from MCA Denver, Denver Digerati and Ivar Zeile at Plus Gallery, and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.


Shana Moulton, Takeshi Murata, Peter Burr, Phil SolomonKelly Monico, Will Rahilly, Laleh Mehran, Johanna Billing, Jeremy Couillard, Agnes Bolt, Theo Angell, Milton Melvin Croissant III, Jonathan Monaghan, Chris Coleman, Alex McLeodQuintin GonzalezMontgomery Knott. 


Denver Art Museum; Clyfford Still Museum; Colorado Symphony OrchestraDenver Theater District; Gildar Gallery; Denver Arts & VenuesCarmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery; and Brooklyn Experimental Media Center at NYU-Poly and Luke DuBois (for invaluable technical support and stellar artworks)

Scenes from #MonkeyTown3’s Instagram feed from Summer 2013:

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