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3—  Are there any extra charges for the Tickets, like tips for servers?

No. Your admission, your meal, your wine pairing, and your gratuity are all included. There is a small ticketing fee (less than $4), that will be included before you checkout with Brown Paper Tickets.

You could think of your ticket price like this:

$80 = $35 food + $20 drinks + $17 tax & tip + $8 admission
$65 = $30 food + $15 drinks + $13 tax & tip + $7 admission
$50 = $25 food + $10 drinks + $10 tax & tip + $5 admission

On any night: a great bargain.
Pick your budget, purchase with your own free will.

— How do I pay for tickets in advance?

Click on any Purchase Tickets link on this site and you’ll be transferred to Brown Paper Tickets, where you’ll select the night and time you’d like to attend and the number of tickets. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX through PayPal. You do not need to join PayPal to complete your credit or debit card transaction.

—  What’s the capacity? And how many seatings per night?

Capacity is just 32 per seating. There are two seatings each night, 6pm and 8:30pm.

—  Can I transfer my tickets to another date?

Tickets can be exchanged for another date and time, up to 3 days (72 hours) before the event by calling Brown Paper Tickets directly at 1.800.838.3006. You may also give them to a friend, family member or aspiring artist.

—  Can I get a refund for my tickets?

No. Refunds will only be given if shows are cancelled.

— Can I purchase tickets at the venue, at the door, with cash?

No. Tickets must be purchased In Advance through Brown Paper Tickets. Ticketing closes two hours before the door time of each show. There is no cash at the venue.

— Is there Free Parking?

There is normally parking available on the street, but there is also designated Free Parking at the triangular lot created by the intersection of Larimer and Downing.


1— How long is the Video Program? What’s the space like?

A little over 2 hours. The event reconstructs the original and still unprecedented cinema-in-the-round. This time it’s a seamless floating cube of 4 massive projection screens, with 4.1 surround sound. This 4th edition will feature a single curated film and video program that replays every night for 90 days, featuring almost all multi-channel works by 18 extraordinary artists and filmmakers — curated by Montgomery Knott, with assistance from Denver Digerati, Plus Gallery, MCA Denver, and BMoCA.

Westword has graced us with an early preview:

And The Creators Project/Vice Magazine’s wrote a well-written preview for last summer’s program: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/wont-you-take-me-to-monkey-town

—  Are there any live bands or live video artists this time?

Once a month, we will host a weekend of late-night screenings.

—  Has this been done before?

Not outside of New York.

— Is it true that the screens will be larger than the last Monkey Town and we’ll be seated inside a seamless, floating cube with each side 24 feet wide?


— Is there nudity or “inappropriate” material shown in the program?



8—  Will the Menus remain the same throughout the Spring?

No. They will change at the beginning of each month and according to seasonal ingredients.

—  Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes. Vegetarian/Vegan Options are available for all seatings. After purchasing your ticket(s), please write us at monkeytownhq@gmail.com and note the Date and Time you will be attending and how many Vegetarian/Vegan Options you are requesting.

—  Do you have gluten free options? Non-alocholic drinks?

As above with vegan/vegetarian options, please write to us once you’ve purchased your tickets and alert your server once you are seated and we will confirm each dish with chef.

—  What about food allergies?

Please write to us beforehand and alert your server when you arrive and we will omit any dishes that contain those ingredients.

— Is your food organic? Local?

We expect the majority of the ingredients for each night will be organic and sourced locally, including trips to farmer’s markets.



—  Will there be a Monkey Town 5?

Yes. Plans are in the works to keep this visual circus on the road. Portland, OR is probably next. Then, maybe Vancouver. Then, Austin or Barcelona or Berlin. Two to three months in each city, over the next 3 years. That’s the plan. But then,  Miami and Pittsburgh have been calling.

—  Why the name Monkey Town?

There are three reasons. But for brevity, Eugene Walter was a chief inspiration — co-launcher of the Paris Review, actor in Fellini’s 8 ½, eternal poet to the monkey gods.

—  What about Lipps Inc.?

You’re not the first person to ask this.

—  If I’m seated inside the cube and there’s a screen behind me, won’t I miss something at some point?



4-300x225 This spring, Monkey Town 4 Denver takes flight from NYC and lands in the midst of an artistic revival in the shadows of the Rockies, in the land of legal weed, in a vibrant and emergent arts scene. We feel lucky to be here and happy to have half the artists in our program coming from Colorado.

The original Monkey Town ran from May, 2003 – December, 2004. It was located in a private loft space at 222 Leonard St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Emphasis was on video art, showcasing works by Miranda July, Mika Rottenberg, Brock Enright and Golan Levin among dozens of other artists who were just emerging and flying under the radar at that time. We also hosted live music; including, Black Dice, White Magic, Dead Texan, My Best Fiend, Sayyid and Priest (Anit-Pop Consortium) and Blood on the Wall. Same set up, 4 screens and food. Chefs moonlighted from jobs at Gramercy Tavern, Esca and Chanterelle. There were 99 performances over 19 months.

The second Monkey Town ran from October 2005 – January 2010. It was located at 58 N. 3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Open nightly for 4 years and 4 months, a front dining room and bar were added, while the back dining room continued the original layout — 4 screens; communal seating; 6.1 surround sound; capacity of 50. A full menu was available every night. The back space showcased video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries; as well as, live music, dance and other performance. Damo SuzukiSharon Van EttenTony ConradThe XXDirty Projectors, and Excepter’s lengendary marathon shows were all illuminated in the cube, while a slew of talented filmmakers tested and stretched the margins of new cinema; including, Ryan Trecartin, Shana Moulton, R. Luke DuBois, Alexandre Singh, Cory Arcangel, Marisa Olson, Peter Burr, Michael Bell-Smith, Bruce Bickford, Tony Oursler, Forcefield, and Claude Wampler.

In the summer of 2013, Monkey Town 3 was reborn at the Eyebeam gallery in the heart of Manhattan’s gallery district. For 60 days, 3000 people attended a video program comprised of 23 filmmakers and performers. We also hosted four Sold Out performance nights. With the success of the 3rd edition, the path was set for Monkey Town 4 Denver. And here we are.


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